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Face Masks Recommended Type?

The world these days is gripped with the fear of Coronavirus and During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Centers For Disease & Control Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) strongly recommend that people wear face masks to cover their mouths and noses while they’re out and about at the grocery store or any other public area. But due to the pandemic, the world is facing a shortage of these masks and hence judicious use of face masks is paramount.

Why 3Ply Melt blown Filter Mask is mostly recommended by doctors, scientist and experts.

  • Works Equivalent To N95 Mask
  • Cost Effective
  • 99% Bacteria Free Efficiency
  • Easily Disposed
  • Free From Reuse Haphazard
  • Readily Available
  • Skin Friendly, Breathable
  • Light Weight

Never leave the most sensitive area of your body unprotected to viruses. Always wear your most reliable anti-virus gear.

3 Layer Filtration

Why Health Bot - Mask

  • Melt Brown Filter – SITRA Certified
  • 100% Machine Made - Untouched By Naked Hands
  • Made In 25 Gsm – 3 Layers
  • 99% Bacteria Free Efficiency
  • Highly Elastic Ear-loop Band