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Why Wear a Mask?

Why wear a Mask

COVID-19 virus spreads easily from person to person contact. virus carrying droplets dry fast enough to form droplet nuclei and remain airborne eventually landing on different surfaces.

SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, has been detected in aerosols for up to three hours and on plastic and stainless steel surfaces for up to three days.(N.Engl J.Med. 2020)

Masks lower the chances of coronavirus entering the respiratory

System through droplets still in the sir froman infected person.

Reducing the chances of inhaling the virus by wearing a protective mask that is cleaned thoroughly using a combination of approaches that use heat, UV light, water, soap and alcohol, will be vital to stopping its spread.

Key Differences between Disposable and Homemade Cotton Masks

Use Single use Multiple use


against Virus


~97% ~70%

Washing and 


Should NEVER be washed

as it damages filtration

and protection ability

Can be reused easily

following procedures

shown further in this document


Medical store stocks of

such masks are likely to be


Can be easily made at

home with available cotton



Must be disposed after one

use in a closed bag with

household waste to prevent

virus from travel

Can be easily cleaned after

use with ingredients available

at home



Before using the handmade mask remember:

  1. Thoroughly wash and clean the mask before wearing it.
  2. wash your hands thoroughly before wearing the mask.
  3. As soon as the mask becomes damp or humid, swithch to another mask and clean the used mask.
  4. Never reuse a mask after single ue without cleaning it.
important precautions

When removing the mask:

  • Do not touch the front or any other surface of the mask, remove it only with strings behind
  • For string mask, always unit the string below and then the string above
  • After removal, immediately clean your hands with 70% alcohol-based hand sanitizer or with soap and water for 40 seconds
  • Drop it directly into a soap solution or boiling water to which salt has been added