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Why should we be wearing a facemask?

Why-should -we-be-wearing-a-facemask

Today, the question should be why we all should not be wearing a facemask?

The pandemic era has given rise to a ‘new normal’. Social distancing, sanitizing your hands every fifteen minutes, wearing gloves, and face masks are the new set of rules we all have to imbibe now in our daily life. 

Its been months after months the cases have not gone down in many countries, the reason you ask, it’s not cooperating with the government rules. The tiny virus has created a panic around the world. Every country and it’s every corner region is trying to come up with the best possible way to fight this tiny virus. 

Wearing face masks is a debatable topic in the present. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends wearing a face mask (cloth) whereas, World Health Organisation (WHO) discourages the use of a face mask. WHO came up with a notion that there is no proof as face masks is preventing humans from any infection, it then recommends to wear N95 masks for health workers.

Both the organization are considered authentic and are eminent source of information. But the pandemic has created chaos on choosing the best prevention from an invisible virus. Let’s consider looking at how the virus spreads.

You can look healthy and still be infected by this chronic disease. It is a person to person transmitted disease. There are several ways in which it can spread.

  • Droplets or Aerosols - a person who is infected coughs, sneezes, or spits the tiny droplets coming out through this medium is called aerosols. It then remains in the air for approximately sixteen hours, on solid surfaces for three hours.
  • The virus survives in the air for sixteen hours and anyone coming in contact could be infected. Breathing in such an area is inhaling the virus in your lungs.
  • Staying of the aerosols on steel surfaces like plastic and steel is for 2 to 3 days and on a wooden surface for around 20 hours. 
  • Anyone coming in contact with such surface or area is prone to be affected. 
  • Touching your mouth, nose after coming in contact with this droplets chain is built.

Thus, it becomes important for all of us to make important measures to break the chain. The droplets cannot be seen from our naked eyes. Cleaning and disinfecting everything around us has become mandatory. 

The virus is colorless, odorless, and specifically with signless symptoms in the beginning. The symptoms might appear sooner or at a slow pace. The person looking healthy might not be aware of him being infected and that changes the whole game. 

Breathlessness, unexplained bodyweight, a bitter taste, and high fever now and then are the symptoms of coronavirus. But until you realize that you came in contact with someone who is corona positive its too late.

So, consider taking precautionary measures which help not get affected easily. 

The whole world was lockdown for more than a month and many countries including the USA, Turkey, Germany, Austria, and India have made wearing face masks mandatory. Getting out of your house without any valid reason is considered a crime and you might be seen paying your bills in the police station. 

“Face masks could help to reduce transmission in the community particularly if used in public transport and crowded areas.” was spoken by Ben Cowling, head of epidemiology, Hong Kong. many doctors have suggested to wear a face mask as the spread could stop. The other important reason is to safeguard yourself from people who are the prevalence of asymptomatic carriers of the spread. The survey states around 6% to 18% are those who carry the virus without developing any symptom and that is a tough nut to crack.

Pre- Covid-19 around 36% of the people reported to be wearing face masks to safeguard themselves from the pollution and other infections. The year 2020 has made face masks an intensely political issue. Now who preferred wearing a face mask before Covid-19 won’t be getting an eye from people as doing a very unexpected thing in public. 

Face masks are important to wear looking at the increasing number of cases. Surgical, N95, or the homemade masks. Which one is better is a whole new debate of its own.

Each mask has its benefit the question is which one is affordable and provides the best service. N95 masks is a tight-fitting mask also known as respiratory masks. It is expensive and blocs the aerosols from your mouth. 3 Ply mask is easy to wear, affordable, disposable and the three-layer provides the exact benefit that is the inner layer doesn’t let the droplet get into the air, the outer layer does the same for the aerosol present in the atmosphere. 

The homemade masks are affordable, reusable, and protect breaking the chain.

Another reason why you should consider wearing a mask can be.

  • Save guard against asymptomatic people
  • Protects other people if you are contagious
  • It helps the economy in recovering from the crisis we all have jumped into. 
  • It can be your alternative meanwhile we do not have any vaccine or destined medication invented.
  • Safeguard against pollution and inhaling toxic air.

We need to fight this situation. It is the result of the human-centric world. It can end if we either find the cure soon or consider the precaution to save the human race by then. It is quite difficult to adjust to the new normal and normalize not shaking hands but washing it if got in contact. It is a life-threatening disease and if a face mask could help us stop this then why not?

Wear your face mask covering your nose and mouth, wash it if reusable and distance yourself from the infection and connect with the reason of why doing this is beneficial.