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Why 3 ply masks and surgical masks are meaningful N95 mask alternatives

Why-3-ply-masks-and surgical-masks-are meaningful-N95-mask-alternatives

It is no hidden truth that masks, face shields and rubber gloves have taken over the market and the social media. Wearing of masks has been practiced earlier as well. It was to protect ourselves from the harmful UV rays and pollution. The layering of scarf, handkerchief has been an old trend of protection.

The outbreak of the COVID-19 has now forced everyone to look for protecting shields. Face masks and sanitization was the first prescribed by the WHO and CDC as a prevention of COVID-19. It saves us from the prevent of infarction or any airborne infectious germs. This has given rise to a lot of face masks in the market. The most used and recommended masks are 3 ply masks and N95 masks. These masks are examples of PPE against the outbreak hazards happening.

3 ply masks- also called as surgical masks. The healthcare specialists intend to wear surgical masks to prevent themselves from the contamination from any injury infection, catching bacteria, liquid droplets, and aerosols from the wearer mouth or nose. 

The 3 play masks is a scientific mask which has three layers,

  •  The first layer which is exposed to the light is made of non-woven hydrophobic so that it no liquid droplets or any other contaminating bacteria reaches the inner surface. It works as a repellent. It doesn’t absorb anything coming close to it. 
  • The third layer which is towards the wearer’s mouth should be made of hydrophilic which absorbs the sweat, droplets coming out of the nose. 
  • The inner layer is a filter that protects and prevents the connection of both the layers.

 It is mostly used by doctors and anyone who needs protection. The pandemic has given rise to the usage of this mask which is better than 2 ply masks generally recommended to the general public for protection against pollution. The 3 ply masks are scientific and go through tests to grant its authentication of being the best to use.

Visual test- One must always check the mask has three layers.non-woven layer ( translucent), the third layer( green, blue, white), middle/inner layer( white).

Non-flammability test- the middle layer of the 3 ply mask if burnt will not catch fire instead will melt without catching the flame.

Water resistant- the outer layer made of non woven hydrophobic is good at repellent the water or any liquid infectious coming towards it. 

Electrostatic Adsorption test- once you tear the mask you will feel the electrostatic effect and also feel the stainless steel effect in the meltdown effect.

The nose strip- it is important to check if the mask has a nose strip. Important to adjust and breathe and prevent exposure.

N95 mask-  also known as N95 respirator. National Institute for Occupation Safety and Health said that N95 prevents 95% of airborne particles.  

  • The mask is fully covered and doesn’t allow the cross breathing. 
  • It provides unparalleled protection from any exposure from the environmental infection.
  • Allergy free and fuss free, the mask is made from latex and is good for people who are viable to this sensitiveness.
  • Long usage.

A quick comparison.

  • The 3 ply mask is single-use and the N95 can be used for a long period.
  • People with chronic disease or any respiratory problems are not recommended to use the N95 mask as it has no filtration or cross ventilation of the air.
  • N95 is not designed for children or for people who have a skin infection. It is closely fitted mask which can cause irritation.
  • The masks used by anyone can catch germs. It is tough recommended to use a single-use mask with proper hygiene. The N95 or 3ply has the germs attached after a use but N95 is not generally disposed instead is seen being reused.
  • The 3ply mask is convenient to use, is free in size, and has no hassle about the allergy or any type of close interaction with skin to leave any scar.
  • 3 ply mask can be decomposed, N95 is not very eco-friendly.
  • The affordability of the 3 ply mask is more compared to the N95 mask.
  • 3 ply mask can be used by any whereas the N95 mask has some restriction.

Thus the three-ply mask is best to be used when there is shortage of masks worldwide. The N95 is advanced and not recommended to all. The general public has to take other precautions of social distancing, sanitizing and washing the hand with soap at different intervals. People can go and choose what suits their pocket and health. Keeping yourself safe is protecting the world.