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Reopening the office: precautions to be taken.

reopening-the-office-precautions -to-be-taken

The pandemic has no doubt urged us all to change rather adapt ourselves into ‘ a new normal lifestyle’. It has affected both individuals and businesses worldwide. The people have been given work from home facility. A rapid transition has been seen in many areas. Though it was relaxing for many and yet difficult for some. 

The extended lockdown gave us hope about the cases to come down. Unfortunately, it didn’t and now many companies are forced to return to daily life routine with a set of rules and precautions. Those who can afford the digitalization system to keep their work have already provided ‘ work from home’ for a year. But not all businesses and individuals can afford to do so. The central and state government have surely lifted the restrictions. But it is we who need to understand the precautions we need to take to save ourselves and others. It is a time to cooperate by not uniting physically but with a distance. The toll on individuals and businesses has to be lifted. But before we head towards our work life we need to ask ourselves and the companies administration as well that, Is our workplace ready with the new normal?

The company now needs to be more careful with its employees. 

The CDC recommends a few guidelines to abide by to ensure the safety of the health of your staff.

  • Fumigation
  • This is the sole responsibility of the company administration to take care of people. The entire workplace needs to be sanitized and fumigated. It has to be regularly. The workplace includes not just the floor but the desk you work on to the office doors and cafeteria as well. Every corner of the office has to be sanitized. It will give assurance to the staff that the management is taking precautions and all the safety measures very seriously. It will encourage them to work in peace and be responsible as well.

  • Floor Stickers
  • The lockdown has surely been lifted but that doesn’t ensure the safety from the pandemic. The people are heading towards the work because of the basic needs being hampered. We are still fighting that pandemic and it cannot be denied at any cost. The management need to put the stickers or labels of distance that is of about at least two meters as prescribed by the BBC. it is going to be a very challenging procedure but a very important step as well. The working desk, cafeteria, and meeting halls needs to remind the employees of social distancing until we win against the pandemic.

  • Proper protective equipment (PPE) is given out.
  • The employees before they hit the office. They should be given a face shield, rubber gloves, masks, and a sanitizer. Every staff at office needs to be wearing these protective pieces of equipment at all times.

  • Mental health support
  • The employees are surely resuming their work but that doesn’t ensure they are not fearful. Everyone is at a risk. The lockdown of more than three months has surely left us worried, lonely, and anxious. It can be because of the financial crisis or the not so good news popping up every day. It is very important to lift each other at this hour. A no judgement mental support should be provided. Everyone has been impacted and thus we can together build a better world. This will happen if the staff feels comfortable and supported at his workplace.

  • Options for a better workplace.
  • The management needs to understand that their flexibility now can not only ensure safety of staff but will win the trust also. The management should not force all the employees to resume their work. The employees who are in remote places and can work online should be given the permit. It will benefit the management from more gathering and give confidence to employees over their company. 

    Once the management has employees ready to go for ‘ business as usual’ other precautions should be also kept in mind. That is reminding them every time of the fight and safety. The above-mentioned list is to ensure a safe environment working culture. 

    The second precautions taken are as follows.

    • Remind them of sanitizing their hands. Set sanitizers points at most of the places in your office. It will help them remind of hygiene specifications.
    • At the entrance set up a protocol for screening via infra-red thermometers.
    • Keep updating the COVID-19 status and some good entertainment tasks to motivate them to adhere to the ‘new normal’.
    • Keep tracking the visitors, staff, and employees travel history and look for symptoms with no complexity. 
    • Help them providing medical assurance, immediate medication for check-ups.
    • Keep the  EPA- approved disinfecting bottles at every desk to help them clean and maintain the hygienic world.
    • Try installing all the touchless ways to give a better prospect towards a new normal.
    • Do not allow any staff to enter the premises without the PPE.
    • Tell them to remind each other of the social distancing. 
    • Keep screening the CDC guidelines and improve the flexibility at the work hours.