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We heard the stories about price gouging, fake products and shipments never arriving on the essential masks that people need to save lives. Enough was enough, our family pooled our resources, expertise and infrastructure to make a difference.


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All About 3 ply Face Masks

A face mask is a shield that covers your mouth and nose to help you not get in contact with any infectious bacteria or virus. The pandemic has called for the emergence of face mask usage, surgical to be precise.
The World Health Organisation with other prominent health research centers, called for the use of face masks to protect oneself from the spread of the virus.
Surgical face masks were earlier worn by doctors and nurses but today it is our daily essential. Providing us proper protection along with other precautions prescribed.

Why 3ply face masks ‘layers’ are important?

3 ply face mask is proved highly effective for the three layers it provides.
  • 1. The outer layer exposed to others is composed of nonwoven hydrophobic. So, it helps repellent the aerosol or any pollutant.
  • 2. The middle layer is made of a fine polyester that helps in the filtration of the microscopic infectious particles. It filters both the layers. It is a meltdown fabric that doesn't burn like paper but melts like flame.
  • 3. The layer covering your mouth and nose has to be hydrophilic that absorbs the secretion of your aerosol that is coming out.

Reasons to Choose 3 Ply Masks Over Other Face Masks Available.

The Face mask today is essential considering the situation worldwide. A necessary protection towards any chronic disease. Mostly preferred by all the doctors and health organizations because of its range of benefits offered.

  • 1. The three layers of the face mask provides full protection like any other expensive mask.
  • 2. PP + Spunbond layer to shield against pollution and virus.
  • 3. Soft Lining and Breathable. It is allergic free.
  • 4. A person with respiratory problems can wear these surgical masks.
  • 5. Ear Loops.
  • 6. Disposable face mask making it eco friendly.
  • 7. Affordable

36% of the world population wore the surgical mask apart from doctors to get protection against viruses and contaminating bacteria transmitting disease. It also provides safeguard against the pollutants.

Demand, Need or the ‘New Normal’ Requirement

The pandemic has brought in power the 3ply mask manufacturers in India be it offline or online. The present scenario has increased the demand for surgical masks as compared to N95 or 2 ply masks that are not
as effective as the 3 ply layered masks as per the government guidelines.

Wearing a face mask has been made compulsory by the countries like Germany, Israel, Columbia, UAE, India, and 50 more countries. Face masks are effective only if used with a combination of other precautions prescribed.
Sanitizing, Disinfecting, social distancing, face shield, and hand gloves with face masks are the components of PPE kit one needs to carry every day and everywhere.

3 ply face masks are being sold in heavy bulks and are now a part of the 'new normal' lifestyle. One needs to be aware of the manufactures of the authentic surgical masks sellers that fits your pocket and protects against the transmitted diseases.

No Reason to say NO to Surgical Face Masks.

With various options available choose the right face mask not just to protect yourself but for others to not get infected. A virus spreading so easily calls for precaution to be taken beforehand than being sorry later.